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Little Toes Curriculum

Infant Curriculum (3-12 Months) 


Infant routines of diapering, feeding, and napping form much of the daily schedule. However even these routine activities provide a healthy dose of core emotional connection interactions with their child care provider. Tickling toes, playing peek-a-boo, and imitating sounds are just a few of the one-on-one exchanges that will occur during these routine parts of your child’s day. In addition, your child will be immersed in a warm, loving environment filled with a variety of stimulating things to manipulate, touch and follow.


Waddlers Curriculum: (12 - 18 Months) 


This transitional room serves as a stepping stone from our infant program into our toddler program. The children in this program are still mastering walking but it does not stop them from their natural instincts to explore and discover the world around them. An abundance of toys, textures, colors and sounds make this room perfect for the transition into the toddler classroom.

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