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I toured a lot of daycares prior to choosing Galinka and can say for sure that this is the best place for your kid. The owner of the daycare is very warm, attentive and is a professional teacher. She loves these kids to death and provides for them in the best way possible. They not only teach kids all common sense things, i.e. respect, behavior, kindness etc, but also potty training and very active school prep. There is always home made fresh food and healthy snacks. The place is very clean and very well organized, there is also a beautiful yard for kids to play in. My kids and all of their friends love Galina and her daycare.


Galinka is the best home daycare I have seen in San Francisco and South Bay and would recommend it to anyone. I trusted Galina from the very first day we started there: she is very wise and responsible person, cares about and respects kids, teaches them but also gives them space to develop and learn themselves. Daycare is impeccably clean and organized. 










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