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Galinka Day Care Meal Menu

Breakfast 8:15am-9am 

Milk, oatmeal, farina, bucwheat, corn porridge, milk soup with vermicelli, cereal with raisins or blueberries.


Snack 10am

Water, seasonal fruits, crackers, olives. cheese. cherry tomatoes. 


Lunch 12pm 

Water, milk, borsch (beef), soup with meatballs (turkey), soup with vermecelli (chicken), fish soup, soup harcho (lamb), vegetable soup,  mushroom soup, bean soup, bread with butter, crackers, juice. 


Snack 4pm

Milk, water, hot chockolate, pastries, chicken nuggets, sausage (chicken or turkey, cutlets (turkey, chicken), "zrazy" (zucchini, turkey), mushed potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, pumpkin, blintzes, cannage with sausages, yougurt, fruits, vegetables, cereal, meatballs (chicken or turkey). 

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